Manufacturers warranty of 10 years.

Initial Weathering

Your Timberlast decking is made from recycled HDPE, and Wood Fibre. When new there may be some residual tannin in the wood component of the decking boards.

This tannin will leach out of the boards the first few times the deck gets wet and will appear as a water stain after the boards have dried.

The stain can be removed by washing with water if required or brushed very

lightly with a wire brush.

It will disappear after the boards have been wet/dried several times.


Cleaning is a regular sweep with a broom or a hot mop.

You can use a pressure wash or a pressure wash with the brush connected.


The brushed surface of Timberlast makes it easier to brush out scratches.

To remove a scratch just get a wire brush and brush along the grain, you may need to use very fine sandpaper before the wire brush.

Brushing or sandpaper will not affect the colour of the deck board, as the colour is right through the board.

Surface Stains

All stains are surface only as the deck board is nonporous.

Remove stains by using detergent and hot water. If a residue is left on the board then use a wire brush, and brush lightly along the grain.

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